Balloon Tips

Decorating with balloons is one of the most colorful, exciting and cost-effective ways to decorate your party. If you have only one decorating option, let it be balloons. We have hundreds of different shapes, colors, sizes and designs for every occasion you can imagine!

You can decorate with individual balloons, balloon bouquets, arches, columns, clouds, strands and swags, balloon centerpieces, miniature hot air balloons, giant balloons or create a spectacular special effect with a balloon drop! Every gathering becomes a celebration with balloons.

Decorating Ideas

    Balloon Bouquets
    Either as a decoration for your party or as a gift for a family member or friend, a colorful bouquet of balloons always creates a fun atmosphere.

    Birthday Bouquets

    Birthdays are the number one occasion for balloons all year long! Putting together a beautiful bouquet is easy! First choose 1-3 mylar balloons with a "Happy Birthday" message. Then pick an assortment of coordinating solid color or printed latex balloons.

    Get Well Bouquets

    Nothing brings a smile to the face of someone who isn't feeling well like balloons. Start off with a "Get Well" mylar ballon and add several assorted colored latex. (If visiting someone in a hospital, check the hospital's balloon policy; some only allow mylar balloons.)

    Seasonal Bouquets

    Balloon bouquets are also great for holiday party decor. For example, scatter black and orange latex bouquets around the room for a Halloween party. Mix in some mylars with a "Happy Halloween" message.

    Balloon Drops

    Want to turn an ordinary event into something spectacular? Try a balloon drop, one of the most dramatic special effects you can create with balloons.

    Air-fill 100-200 latex balloons and place them in a large plastic bag or net that is rigged with a cord to the ceiling. Get someone to pull the rip-cord and release the balloons. The effect is dramatic and quite special.

    Balloon drops are great for New Year's Eve. Pull the cord at midnight which signals the dramatic beginning to the new year.

    They're also great for grand openings, promotions, weddings, parties, theatrical events and much, much more!

    Balloon Lamp Post

    This is a great decoration for entryways, room corners, or anywhere you need to make a statement in a small space!